rules and policies

This is a hobby site and a tribute to old names.
Though this site was mainly developed to show retro consoles, games and parts for our own fun, we are also selling and buying these things as soon as we get bored or find new, better or more completed ones.


So, this rules and policies page is for you:

- if you are simply a visitor, then: yes, the different trademarks (Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and so on, except the ObsessedGamers) are not ours, and we are not trading with them. We consider their products as important parts of our childhood. You can enjoy them here as well.


- if you would like to make some purchase, then: we are still the admirer of these little things of our lives which we enjoy, and we can share this with you by selling/buying/exchanging them.
Please note that most of these items are used, but in working condition. Overall condition can be seen in the pictures. Back of (eg. PlayStation) discs may have scratches but all of them are in good working condition.
After confirming and sending your order, we will inform you from about the value of your purchase and the calculated shipping cost to your country and how to pay for it via PayPal or bank transfer.
We only accept advance payment. Sorry, but these stuffs are already unique engouh...

Further comments for buyers:


- MPL registered mail to HU address; max 500g, max 2,4cm height: HUF1290 – EUR3,5
- MPL registered mail to HU PO; max 500g: HUF1290 - 3,5EUR
- to EUROPE MPL registered mail, max 500g: HUF4490 - EUR11,9

- MPL Parcel to HU Terminal; 0-2kg, max 51x31x35cm: HUF990 – EUR2,9
- MPL Parcel to HU address; max 2kg: HUF2090 – EUR5,9
- MPL Parcel to HU address; 2-5kg: HUF2290 – EUR6,9
- FOXPOST Parcel to HU Terminal; max 25kg, max 19×36×61cm (M): HUF1590 – EUR4,9
- Above 500g to Europe and out of Europe is unique, will be given at order confirmation.

WE ARE SELLING MAINLY NES 'PAL B' (MOST OF EUROPE) but sometimes also NES 'PAL A' (UK/Italy/Australia) and NTSC (USA) and  MAINLY SNES-PSX-PSONE PAL but sometimes also NTSC as well.
Some NES / SNES cartridges may have a battery inside to save your game thus may need to be replaced after a few years of the production.
Please note that international shipping may cost more than item itself and may take several days. So ask everything before buying as handling the claim after shipping would be expensive and time-consuming for both of us thus none taken, namely we can not offer a guarantee or accept a return.
On the other hand, we are collectors so we understand the importance of keeping and sending item in good condition and packing them safely. All games were tested before listing and worked fine. If it does not work after receiveing and though there is no sign of outer damage, first you may need to clean it.
Combined shipping is welcomed if you let us know. Package will be sent by registered mail.
We reserve the rights to change shipping cost according to Hungarian Post Office's fees.
We are also advertising these items elsewhere and may withdraw them from here.